Ahmed Jozi

Motion Graphics Reel

Motion graphics ads can make a stellar impression right away, they are more memorable for viewers, and can showcase complex ideas in a short time.

My creative process involves gathering information about the brand’s values, goals, and mission to produce meaningful videos. Next, I sketch detailed concepts for feedback. Once the storyboard is approved, I start creating assets including illustrations, diagrams, icons, and characters. Finally, I bring these illustrated assets to life in After Effects.

Working with videographers

I assisted in elevating various Canadian agriculture brand’s online presence with educational videos that simplified technical information. Most of the time, I worked on my own but there were some bigger projects that required collaborating with videographers. In the sample below, I edited and added animated components to an interview that was captured by two videographers to make it easier to digest. I also visited a fly farm to capture more footage.

Unique challenges: The original audio was incredibly noisy because we didn’t have the best audio recording equipment. The team’s inability to reschedule filming nearly resulted in the project’s cancellation. I offered to learn Adobe Audition so that I could correct the sound problem, and I completed that task ahead of schedule.

Collaborators: Kody Audette and Ben Carney

Software: Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator

Year: 2020

Creative direction

I was given the responsibility of producing video campaigns targeting emails and social media, from conception to execution. I was given briefs and worked through different ideas to meet the brand’s vision. I brainstormed and gathered ideas from websites and different professionals (agronomists, salespeople, and marketers). I built storyboards and presented them to the team for feedback. I created the components in Illustrator or Figma, then animated them in After Effects.